The Power of Real Estate Videos

At Lampstand Visual Media, I work with real estate agents to create visually stunning real estate videos that create impact!

Video has quickly become a contender for the most powerful type of content online.

I found this great article titled “10 Stats That Prove Real Estate Agents Should Use Video Marketing“.

You can read it here.

Some of the highlights are:

1. 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Marketers use video for all types of brands to increase following, gain more customers, and boost brand awareness. For real estate agents ready to invest in marketing tactics, video is a clear choice that has a proven ROI.

2. Video is worth the effort. 73% of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video. Unfortunately, only 9% of agents create listing videos.

3. 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos. In real estate, videos are an effective tool to display an agent’s listed properties and neighborhoods. Agents who use this marketing strategy will see a rise in offers and requests to look at their properties. Videos help consumers put a face to the brand, making it more relatable; this, in turn, increases sales.

You should head over and read more of the great statistics the author cites in the article.

In summary, a real estate video can take your listing to the next level and garner more attention then just a regular real estate listing with photography.

Let’s talk and see how I can help your next real estate listing with a high end real estate video solution!